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Moree & Vermeer B.V. has been producing pipe clamps and fastening materials since 1957. These company’s years of experience, combined with specialized knowledge, make it possible to manufacture products of high quality at competitive prices.

  • Standard range of products in stock
  • Specials, from single pieces to mass produced articles, according to your specifications, quick delivery

Moree & Vermeer B.V. manufactures (pipe)fastening articles not only for petrochemical and shipbuilding industries, but also for on- and offshore, agriculture, horticulture, transportation and civil engineering.
In addition to our standard range of products, we are able to produce quickly and efficiently (pipe)fastening articles that do not appear in our catalogue.

The stocks of Moree & Vermeer B.V. contain:

  • Pipe clamps
  • (Various types and variants)
  • U-bolts
  • (Various types and variants, from M5)
  • Wire products
  • (Clevis, anchors, eye bolts/nuts, threaded rods, turnbuckles)
  • Supports
  • (Hangers, pipe supports, shells)
  • Mounting articles
  • (Clamp plates, beam attachments, locking plates, suspension brackets)
  • Commercial articles
  • (Bolts, nuts, rings, threaded ends, plastic clamps)

Most articles are in stock in the following materials: St.37 (black, zinc plated, hot dip galvanized), SS 304 and SS 316.

Below are some of the articles that we manufacture according to specifications for our domestic and foreign clients:

  • Pipeclamps made of heat, acid and corrosion resistant (stainless) steel types, non-ferrous metals.
  • Composite pipe supports and other supports
  • Hot bending work from strip materials and rods
  • In addition to zinc plating and hot dip galvanizing, other surface treatments, such as staining, passivation, polishing, tin-plating, coating and various paint systems.
  • Brackets with inlays of PTFE, PE, glassfibre, lead and neoprene rubber
  • Rings, (crane) hooks, hooks and pins
  • Small constructions

   Our standard range of products


   Made-to-measure, hot bended

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